Freitag, 14. September 2007

My favourite lyrics by björn and gustaf

★ I met her in a crowded room where the bookshelves help you and knowledge takes your hand/ I watched her beauty from an armchair★

★you cannot touch our hearts when we’re in bloom★

★I can’t live without your breath by past babe/I can’t breathe without your live by my future/ I can’t see clear without your teardrops in my eyes★

★josephine is not your kind , she believes in magic and rhymes/ You tried hard to make her fine But she sleeps with acid ★

★in her head she sees butterflies with pistols★

★stick around your neck/ and see what it can bring/lonely stands the butcher on the ground/ little angel fly, fly among the stars/ Jupiter will comfort you with love … on the way to you between busy moon /crash beneath a window left in bloom/ the days are few my friend and winter comes again/ clap, clap and the boy is to lose★

★filling textures with some tear-weathered note/ and on purpose he just spelled them all wrong★

★oh it’s in the way you set your life on your alarm and hit the snoozy★

★I said I’d die for you, or was it in my head/ I took you down on ouzo and now I think I’d rather see you dead★

★When we met she smelled like honey, when we kissed she tasted tears/ then for 14000 seconds we made love behind old fears★

★When in doubt fuck the world/ forget all the things you've heard★

... wenn ich doch nur annähernd diese assoziationen zustandebringen würde... manchmal hätte ich gern björns frontalcortex...

Donnerstag, 13. September 2007

schwarze geschichten - turned to rosarot

Du bist mein Sansibar, mein letzter Grund.
Der gut gehütete Traum
Traute sich kaum
Aus der Seele, nicht aus dem Mund.

Du bist mein Hippocampus und mein Adrenalin,
Zentrum von allen Sinnen
So tief in mir drinnen
lässt du meine Haut zittern,Gedanken entfliehn..

Du bist mein persönlicher Gustaf Noren
Überall Glitzerndes Vinyl
tanzendes Gefühl
In Seele und Herz wenn wir uns sehn.

Du bist mein Mickey wenn ich Mallory spiel
Riot in my heart
Nicht so tödlich, eher zart
Nicht ganz so atemlos... doch immer noch viel.

Du bist mein Kontrast im schwarz-weißen
Nur zusammen so schön
so deutlich zu sehen
nur nebeneinander strahlt eins mit dem zweiten.