Freitag, 31. August 2007

eher keine poesie

*F O R   A   P O E T*

poetry will last
present future and past
as time goes by fast
poetry will last.

love's an illsuion
as I can't love you...
I draw the conclusion
that summer is through.

gone are the days
of sunshine and laughter
gone is the dream
of happily ever after.

once we kissed twice,
and I didn't know
that you were the missing piece
of my soul.

today I know better
about love and its meaning
but the airplane with you on
is about to be leaving.

so poetry is my left over constant
it reminds me of you
and the touch
of your loved hand.

poetry will last
the language of past
as future comes fast
poetry will last.

einer der ersten versuche nicht in meiner muttersprache zu dichten ...lalala.. und auch schon älter, enstanden als das gras noch kurz war und so ;)

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